• Setup basic development environment for React and webpack.

    Webpack became the de-facto standard module bundling and build automation tool for React community. Webpack is robust, and more complex than other bundling packages, and it has a steep learning curve comparing to other build automation tools.
    This post is going to show how to setup a very basic development environment that will give you a head start for basic web Single page application that is using react and webpack.

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    Arguably the best approach to create objects in JavaScript.

    Douglas Crockford expressed his preference on creating objects and inheritance in JavaScript In his lecture The Better Parts.
    In this lecture he expressed that although prototypal inheritance is better than classical inheritance, but the better is to avoid prototypal inheritance and avoid using this keyword, and instead he introduced a new pattern similar to factory function.
    His approach was backed by Eric Elliott in his lecture : Classical Inheritance is Obsolete.
    I am going to explain this approach and show some examples on how to use it.

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    ES6 Classes : The good parts in depth

    ES6 provided many new features for OOP, and although most of them just syntactical sugar over the existing construction pattern, but they are a step ahead of creating objects from the existing features.
    I am going to show in this post why they are good pattern to use, and how they can fix many problems in the construction function pattern, and we will explain the OOP fundamentals in depth.

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    Example on using Angular UI Router nested views to build a clean solution

    Angular UI Router is the de-facto solution for single page applications and flexible routing in angular. It has many useful features such as nested views and states that can help us write clean code.
    A careful consideration on how we structure our application in nested states/views, and a thoughtful process of designing and structuring the state tree, can help us achieve a solid design and a clean architecture for our application.
    We are going to see a brief example on how to use the nested states feature to implement an elegant solution for the security of an application.

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    Using Angular promise to wrap up an OAuth callback
    I am going to show how to wrap the OAuth callback flow with an Angular promise, and how that will help create a clean and maintainable code.

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