Dojo framework has a neat small utility called hitch. Have you ever get confused when you define a callback function or any asynchronous call, on what the context or the scope that this callback will run under? Have you ever wrote a callback function, where you refer to (this.{property}) to get an error message that what you are referring to doesn't exist? That because callback, async result run in different scope than the caller. So, Dojo's hitch is a neat tool that will allow you to specify the scope of the callback. In case you don't want to use Dojo, but you require this functionality, then this piece of code will do the work in jQuery.
    $.hitch = function(scope, fn){
         return function(){
              return fn.apply(scope, arguments);
and how to use it?

You specify the scope and the function

$.hitch(scope, function)

this is an example of using jquery ajax
function MyClass() {
    this.getWebData = function () {
            url: urlToParse,
            success:$.hitch(this, this.parseServiceData)
    this.parseServiceData = function(result) {
        // any reference to  will refer to the current function