Far Manager is a very powerful windows tools that help manage files and has a wonderful plugin capabilities to run over file system.
Far Manager combined with ConEmu console application, and the shell application Clink together deliver a wonderful experience in doing your daily jobs and tasks.
Unfortunately there is a steep learning curve using and get used to these tools together.
In many posts I am going to show how to use and make use of these features, and I will use common tasks in my daily work and show how these tools together are going to help me reduce my work.

In first part, I will show how to setup these tools together.

1 - First and install, download Far Manager: with the default installation folder will be in:

           C:\Program Files (x86)\Far Manager
2 - Download ConEmu and unzip the directory
           There are an executable  conemu.exe (both 86 and 64 version), and a directory called conemu, and              another directory called "plugins".
3 - Copy both conemu.exe to the far manager installation folder (the same where far.exe is located).
4 - Copy the folder plugins\conEmu in the zip file into the plugins folder for far manager.
5 - Copy the conemu folder to the installation folder of far manger.
6 - Download Clink application
7 - unzip click zip file into the a directory under conemu folder that was created in step 5.

And you are done.
Now, to start far manager/conemu/clink, just call the conemu.exe from step 3.
which means if you keep the default far manger installation folder, then to start all just type:
c:\program files (x86)\Far manager\conemu.exe

This will auto-detect that far manager is installed and will start it, and will auto-detect click is installed and start click in the command line shell.