I was doing coding with different programming languages lately with Python, Go, JavaScript, HTML.
And I was looking for one IDE that can handle all of these.
I was attracted to editors like Sublime and Atom because they are simple, comparing to Eclipse.
I started with Atom because it is fully free, and I used it for few months doing HTML, JavaScript, and Go.

Atom Experience

My experience was not pleasant at all.
I had to switch between many JavaScript/HTML plugins to find a plugin that provide a proper highlighting and code navigation on the mouse click.
I was not happy with many plugins I found, and maybe if I spent more time I could find the proper plugins I want.
And with Go, it was really a horrible experience.
The Go plugins in Atom are buggy, and you cannot trust them at all, and you might end up with broken code.
One particular Go-plugin that handles dependencies for you, and write down your import section depending on your dependencies.
but it was horrible.
Any small missing element in the configuration, and it will change your dependencies that you wrote and will change your code.
The code navigation never worked, even the documentation claimed it should work, and maybe if I spent more time trying to figure out the proper configuration for that plugin, I could make it work.

Sublime Experience

When I switched to Sublime, I felt immediate relieve.
All built-in plugins work perfectly, as expected.
The built-in plugins provide less features than Atom ones, but they are stable, and you can count on them working.

As I said, maybe if I spent more time with Atom to make it work, I could solve the issues, but why you have to spend time when all what you need in Sublime is just install it.