• Streaming real data with AWS - Part 2.

    Technology of big data is booming and moving fast, and one of the major sector of big data booming is the requirements to process and analyze real time data that is helping lots of industries using real time data, from IoT, to the analyzing social networks.
    But real time data has its challenges, which the industry answered with many different solutions.
    In this post we are going to cover the technical solutions in AWS for streaming real time data.

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    Big Data at your fingertips using AWS services - Introduction.

    Big Data Analytics used to be an activity that require powerful computers and very high specialized skills. But with the cloud computing, you can have huge computing power installed, and configured in few button clicks.
    AWS as an example provide a wide veriety of different kind of data analysis services, each one will do a specific job. We can use these services as building blocks to build any application that deal with big data analysis.
    AWS services shine on big data, and they can handle Peta-byte size databases, with high performance.
    In this post and following posts, I am going to describe these services, and how to use them. At the end, I am going to show how to use different kind of services to build a monitoring and diagnostic tool for an IIS web site application.

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    Setup basic development environment for React and webpack.

    Webpack became the de-facto standard module bundling and build automation tool for React community. Webpack is robust, and more complex than other bundling packages, and it has a steep learning curve comparing to other build automation tools.
    This post is going to show how to setup a very basic development environment that will give you a head start for basic web Single page application that is using react and webpack.

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    Arguably the best approach to create objects in JavaScript.

    Douglas Crockford expressed his preference on creating objects and inheritance in JavaScript In his lecture The Better Parts.
    In this lecture he expressed that although prototypal inheritance is better than classical inheritance, but the better is to avoid prototypal inheritance and avoid using this keyword, and instead he introduced a new pattern similar to factory function.
    His approach was backed by Eric Elliott in his lecture : Classical Inheritance is Obsolete.
    I am going to explain this approach and show some examples on how to use it.

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    ES6 Classes : The good parts in depth

    ES6 provided many new features for OOP, and although most of them just syntactical sugar over the existing construction pattern, but they are a step ahead of creating objects from the existing features.
    I am going to show in this post why they are good pattern to use, and how they can fix many problems in the construction function pattern, and we will explain the OOP fundamentals in depth.

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