• Descriptive statistics with Python Numpy.

    Python libraries SciPy and Pandas already have off-the-shelf tools to calculate descriptive statistics, but behind the scene they are calling Numpy functionalities.
    This post just to learn more Numpy, and its great arsenal of dealing with data.

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    Basic Data Science: Correlation analysis.

    One of the pillars of Data Science is the correlation. This post is to describe the correlation and the terms related to it, and how it is essential for the data science.

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    A developer introdution to cloud netowrking.

    As a developer who delat with the cloud, either to create a virtual machine, or to deploy a website that connect to a database, then most probabely you had to deal even in short with a private network.
    And most of us developers don’t know a lot about networking, because it is either the job of dev-ops or system administrator. But on the cloud you find that you have to take some decisions related to the networking.
    This post is an introduction for developers who know very little about the cloud, and will cover enough information to help you understand how to take better decisions.

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    Python Virtual Environment, and Package Management

    Python virtual environments, and as well package management, has a shaky history, and it has been changing a lot for last few years.
    Even currently, (early 2018), it is confusing because there are many tools for virtual environments (venv, virtualenv, pyvenv, pyenv).
    I couldn’t find one tutorial that describe everything in just one place, so I thought, I will write it down.
    This post is a combination of many official documentation, answers of StackOverflow, and different blog posts that I think will give you comprehensive picture, not only for the virtual environment, but for the package management as well.

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    Simple Explanation of XSS Attacks

    Cross-Site Scripting attack (XSS), is one of the top 10 OWASP most critical web application security risks.
    As a developer I pay extra attention to this attack, because it is 100% caused by a vulnerable code, and it is 100% developer responsibility to protect against this attack.

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